Training of peripheral vision with Schulte tables

The frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex

Fixing the attention on a certain point and increasing the level of concentration does not have to be a difficult task. The mind can do it, so it can be trained. But, how? by stimulating vision, attention, and memory through the Schulte Table app.

What is a Schulte table?

It is usually a 5x5 cell table, in which numbers from 1 to 25 or letters (from A to Z) are usually placed randomly. Although depending on the level of difficulty it could also increase to 6x6 or more squares.

5x5 cell Schulte tables

The Schulte table is one of the best apps to stimulate the brain. Among its benefits is the ability to improve concentration and promote memory development. It can even be used as an instrument to improve peripheral vision.

How does it work?

It focuses on a search for numbers, which must be done from the bottom up. If the table is 5x5 and is made up of numbers, it must start at 1 and end at 25, the same applies to letters.

Although these tables encourage accelerated eye movement, the goal is that the elements of the cells can be located with a single glance. How is it achieved? You begin by training your peripheral vision by reducing the amount of eye movement as much as possible.

To do this, the person has to fix their eyes on the central cell of the table. That way, she can widen her field of vision and fully see the grid.

Peripheral vision reduces the amount of eye movements.

However, to achieve this there must be a correct distance between the table and the reader's eyes. In this case, the most convenient separation is between 40 and 50 centimeters.

What is its purpose?

This method uses tables to expand peripheral vision, that is, the vertical and horizontal field of vision. Its objective is that the person can find the numbers or letters as quickly as possible. Which will improve your flow of concentration and reading ability.

At first, it will be difficult, but as you practice, placing the elements will become much easier. Therefore, the sequential search will be performed in less time.

The best exercise to promote speed reading

If you like reading and you feel that time is not enough to enjoy those books that you like so much. Don't worry, take care! Luckily, with the Schulte table, you can learn to read faster, as it is classified as the best exercise to practice speed reading.

Do you know why? Simply because when the visual field is extended, much more text is covered, more content, and, therefore, more information to process. This facilitates reading comprehension.

Visual training - Gamification

The peculiar thing about this app is that you can strengthen your brain while playing the game. All this in a fun way through tables, it's that easy. You just need to focus on the Schulte table, fix your attention on the center of it and start the ascending search for numbers or letters.

Although the premise is to find the central square and focus on an imaginary point, the main challenge is to locate the number 1. The eye must be able to find that number without making any eye movement. Of course, from a comfortable distance where the table can be fully observed.

Is this exercise really that effective?

Yes, as long as it is done correctly. So, if you really want to hone your peripheral vision, and test your intellect and abilities, you should make the Schulte charts a training program. That involves doing it consistently and systematically.

Everything in life is a matter of practice, so frequency is the key. So, you can start by working with Schulte tables twice a week for about 10 minutes.

Then increase that number to 3 or 4 times a week and double the time. In a way that achieves faster reading, expansion of peripheral vision, as well as improves attention and visual perception.

Schulte charts change eye behavior

In the beginning, when the handling of this type of table is unknown and logically there is a lack of experience, the eye movement is very fast. Imagine a crossing of vertical lines with horizontal and diagonal ones, because, this is how the eyes behave, they practically cover the entire table.

However, as we become more adept at this exercise, that eye movement becomes less intense. In the end, that crossing of lines is reduced to the central square of the Schulte table.

It is ideal for improving memory

Such is its effect on our brain that it keeps the mind active, and increases thought processes such as observation, analysis, and synthesis, among others. As a result, it strengthens memory and helps improve decision-making.

But what is so peculiar about this mental exercise?

This type of practice is characterized by promoting blood flow to the frontal lobes of the cerebral cortex, activating the brain. In other words, this pumping causes a state of alertness that prompts the brain to solve new problems.

This increase in brain activity translates into more memory and a high level of concentration. In fact, when the Schulte tables are worked correctly, the state of concentration is such that it is compared to meditation, curious?

Given its characteristics, this mental exercise can be practiced by both adults and children. Actually, it can be used as a support tool to complement children's learning. For example, by widening your field of vision and promoting faster reading.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most effective workouts to strengthen our intellect and increase our memory capacity. Do you know what the best of all is? You can practice it just for fun and still benefit from it.

Your brain will certainly thank you!