Mental processing speed training

The Mental/Cognitive PS (Processing Speed) is the speed with which we grasp and respond to information. Having a slow PS makes it difficult for us to understand all the data provided quickly enough to complete a task.

Although a slow mental PS is not a learning difficulty, it contributes to learning difficulties. On the bright side, it is in our hands to train our mental processing speed and with this app you can do it. Do you want to know how?

Train now your mental PS

It will be with very simple tasks. More precisely, with math operations (additions) in which you will have to indicate whether the result is correct or incorrect. That is, you will see two addends (numbers) and a result. E.g. 8 + 8 = 16. Right or wrong?

To add difficulty and train your processing speed, the operation will only be visible for two seconds (2,000 milliseconds). Note that you will be able to move up to more complicated additions. Also, when you successfully solve all 10 operations, the visibility of the operations will be reduced 10 milliseconds.

What is the correct way to read the numbers?

You have to look at all digits at the same time. You can't stop first at one number, then at the next and finally at the result. The idea is that you see them all at the same time. To do this, you must open your field of peripheral vision. How? Try Schulte tables. If you haven't tried them, you should start there.

Correct way to read the numbers

If the result is correct, you must indicate it in the next box. If it is not, you must select wrong.

If the result is correct

The app will evaluate the time in which you react and if you make a mistake you will have a penalty of two seconds.

The app will assess the time in which you react

On the other hand, if you answer quickly and everything is correct, we have good news: You can process the information you read very quickly! Depending on your speed and your correct answers, you will be classified in one of the following groups.

contestas con rapidez y todo está correcto
  • Snail: Super slow (Must improve)
  • Turtle: You're going slow, but you're moving forward at least.
  • Rooster: You are in the middle, neither on one side nor the other.
  • Rabbit: Wow, you're going really fast.
  • Lion: Excuse me, are you Flash?

Start doing 10 sets each day of the basic level (2 ... 10). It has 10 tasks. Once the visibility of each task is reduced to 100 milliseconds you can move on to the next level. And so on, until you finish them all. 21 in total!

cada día del nivel básico