Privacy Policy

This section establishes Yurkap's privacy policies. The terms of use and protection of the data provided by its users are defined. These data are collected when users enter the website and the company guarantees complete confidentiality of all the information provided.

The registration data of each user is collected in order to identify them when they enter the website and will be used in accordance with the provisions of the terms of this document. However, this Privacy Policy can be changed or updated if necessary.

We recommend to review periodically the terms of this page to approve the changes made.

Requested information

Our website collects personal data such as: Name, email address and demographic data of the user. Other specific type of data can be requested if it is necessary to process an order, to make a delivery or an invoice.

Use of the requested information

Our website uses the requested information to improve the quality of the service we provide. Especially to keep a record of registered users, orders (if applicable), and to make improvements to the products and services we offer.

All the information requested will be used to improve the user experience and management. We will send periodically, emails with information on promotions, special offers, product and service launches.

Likewise, any type of advertising information. All well identified with the data of the website and the company. This information will be used to expand offers to add more benefits. The email with this information will be sent to the email provided in the registration. However, you can cancel this subscription at any moment.

Yurkap is fully committed to complying with all the established terms that guarantee the security of your data. That is why we have a highly powerful automated system that safeguards information. In addition, we make regular updates to improve security levels and ensure that there is no unauthorized access.


Cookies are files that are sent and stored on the computers of users who enter our website. When using them, we request prior permission, once it is accepted, the file is created and important information is taken for the website.

Cookies provide us with data about web traffic. It also facilitates the process of loading the website. On the other hand, cookies allow to recognize each user who enters, improving the quality of personalized service.

Our website uses cookies to make statistical work, analysis and evaluation, specifically to know the most visited pages and frequency. After being used, the information is permanently deleted. However, the cookie file hosted on your computer can be removed at any time.

It is important to clarify that cookies only improve the quality of the service we offer. It does not take information from you or your computer unless you personally approve and supply it. Access to the cookie file on your computer may or may not be accepted by you when entering our website.

Most web pages accept cookies automatically in order to improve the web service. If you want to avoid this, you can configure your computer to prevent cookies from being automatically accepted. If you do this you could stop enjoying some of our services.

Third Party Links

Within our website you may find some links that take you to other websites of your interest. Once you click on them, you will automatically leave our website and enter the selected link.

When you click on them, we lose control of the site to which you will be redirected and we will not be responsible for the privacy policies managed by that website. These websites have their own data security policies, terms and conditions. Therefore, we recommend consulting you before providing any information or accepting the agreements.

Control of your personal information

At any time, you can delete or limit the process of collection and use of personal data that you provided to our website. You must fill out a form where you can register as a user, marking or unchecking options that involve receiving information to your email.

If you checked the option of wanting to receive newsletters or advertising emails, you can cancel said subscription at any time. Yurkap guarantees your data, ensuring that it will not sell, transfer or distribute information collected without your consent.

If a judge with court orders requests it, the information will be delivered without consulting you. Yurkap reserves the right to make any type of change to the terms of this Privacy Policy when necessary.

Google Analytics use policy for Firebase and Firebase Crashlytics

This app uses Google Analytics analytics for Firebase and Firebase Crashlytics. These tools allow us to obtain data and statistics to improve our services. If you continue browsing, we consider that you agree to its use.

What is Google Analytics for Firebase?

Google Analytics for Firebase is a tool that helps measure the performance of different applications. It offers statistics about the use of digital platforms and the way in which users operate. It provides detailed, unlimited and free analysis through reports.

How does it work?

The tool uses a system that allows us to understand the way in which an application works. This can be used on Android or iOS. Different events are automatically considered through the Firebase SDK.

Google Analytics for Firebase also approves of creating custom or developer-specific events. This in order to provide solutions that are necessary for the company or business.

After detecting the data, it can be observed in the control panel through the Firebase console. From there, the records of the information provided are displayed.

For example, the products or services with the highest demand or who are the users with the most participation. Also the demographic group where they are located and other specifications. The tool sends reports, notification messages and has organic and paid channels.

Why do we use Google Analytics for Firebase?

We use Google Analytics for Firebase because it groups together different functions that are beneficial. Among these, it offers the opportunity to verify reports, analysis and studies of highly supportive events. In addition, it allows users to be segmented according to various characteristics.

These analyzes also help us study the way in which our users behave and then offer an optimal service. When this data is obtained, you can improve the application, create correct marketing strategies and consider whether they are successful.

What functions do we use?

We use various Google Analytics features for Firebase, the most common being full app analysis. We also use event triggering tools and event conversions.

We resorted to the user properties button and group segmentation through the audience tool. We look at the metrics, data collection and information functions and integrate it with the Firebase Crashlytics service.

What is Firebase Cashlytics?

Firebase Cashlytics is a tool used to verify possible errors in applications. Through its system it has the ability to send understandable statistics of the problems presented by the platforms. It can be on Android, Unity or iOS.

Why do we use Firebase Crashlytics?

We use Firebase Crashlytics because it is a tool that allows us to obtain reports about failures that arise in the application. By means of these analyzes, problems can be tracked and identified from the moment they occur.

After visualizing which are the common failures, the tool gives the opportunity to prioritize the most important ones. In addition, it reveals the causes that started the problems in the system and then can solve them.

What data do you send to the developer?

This tool sends alerts when a failure occurs that may damage users. Highlights the specific lines of the codes that are causing the problem.

Determines he origin of the errors or possible blockages that are generated. Detects which users had the error to respond with notifications.

Thank you for reading!